Art and Text

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Art and Text

28 x 23 cm | 11 x 9 in
272 ills | 288 pages

Editor Aimee Selby
Contributors Dave Beech, Charles Harrison, Will Hill, Kevin Mccaighy, Louis Pattison

In paperback for the first time, the bestselling Art and Text covers the development of the textual medium in art from the early combinations of text, lettering and image in the work of seminal artists such as El Lissitzky and Kurt Schwitters.

The use of text can be seen in some of the most avant-garde artwork of the twentieth century; René Magritte used it as an instrument for Surrealist subversion when he inscribed his painting with the statement “ceci n’est pas une pipe”, and Dadaist artists used it to describe anti-art and anti-aesthetic sentiment. The work of some of the most famous conceptual artists of the 1960s began, for the first time, to use written language as an artwork in itself, without juxtaposition with images.

The book is structured in two parts: the first consists of essays on the subject. These include an essay setting the context of the medium’s development historically, an essay addressing the use of text in a contemporary context and the reasons for its relevance and proliferation today, and a reprint of a seminal text on the subject. The second part is a lavishly illustrated survey of artists who use text as an artistic medium and for whom it constitutes a major aspect of their work.