Charm, Belligerence & Perversity

Charm, Belligerence & Perversity

  • £29.95

Charm, Belligerence & Perversity
The Incomplete Works of GBH

29 x 23 cm | 9 x 11 in
312 ills | 192 pages

Authors Jason Gregory, Mark Bonner, Peter Hale

Charm, Belligerence & Perversity.: The Incomplete Works of GBH. showcases the ground-breaking work of the award-winning creative agency GBH.

The story of this London-based team is one of diverse yet complementary personalities, approaches and skills. The small but highly-successful partnership have worked with some of the world's leading companies, including Virgin Galactic, Eurostar and Puma, in addition to collaborating with other highly regarded design professionals such as Philippe Starck.

The book thoughtfully and provocatively takes the reader through GBH's entire body of work to date, with chapters such as "Fear of failure", "In search of joy" and "Beware of flattery". Epitomised by the book's title, the founders of GBH provide an incredible degree of insight into the field of design.