Colour in the Making

Colour in the Making

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Colour in the Making
From Old Wisdom to New Brilliance

28 x 23 cm | 11 x 9 in
300 ills | 240 pages

Contributors Philip Ball, Mark Clarke, Carinna Parraman

A visual history of art and design told through the lens of an ever-evolving colour palette—from the discovery and use of early earth pigments through to organic chemistry and into contemporary dyes, inks, printing techniques and manufacture. Throughout this sumptuously colourful book, studies of artists’ and designers’ projects illustrate the often overlooked inventions and processes involved in colour-making.

Various chronological and illuminating essays explore the history, theories and techniques of colour making and provide a compelling account of the reciprocal relationship between art and science in colour creation and development throughout the ages.

Mark Clarke discusses colour innovations up until the Renaissance, Philip Ball focuses on the advances in organic chemistry in the nineteenth century, and Carinna Parraman examines the future of inks and paint making.

These essays are accompanied by fascinating studies such as Vincent van Gogh’s prediction of colour uses in his personal letters, Master Pigment’s efforts to recapture of surface effects of organic paints, Yves Klein’s patented shade of blue, Cory Archangel’s beautiful Photoshop Gradient Demonstrations and Jessica Stockholder’s immersive work Color Jam which enlivened the streets of Chicago.

Via the book’s vibrantly illustrated essays and the in-depth studies that complement them, Colour in the Making uncovers an important and sometimes overlooked history of art and design through the innovations that made the reproduction of coloured objects possible.