Hew Locke

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Hew Locke
Stranger in Paradise

26 x 21 cm | 10 x 8 in
100 ills | 160 pages

Authors Jens Hoffman, Kobena Mercer, Indra Khanna

Hew Locke: Stranger in Paradise is a detailed monograph into the fascinating and multi-layered work of artist Hew Locke.

Using a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture and extensively found objects and collage, Locke’s work addresses recurring themes of visual expressions of power, trophies, globalisation, movement of people and the creation of cultures. His large scale sculptural works are constructed from everyday materials ranging from mass produced toys, souvenirs, cake decorations, sequins and plastic flowers.

Hew Locke grew up in Georgetown, Guyana, before moving to London and his work reflects the diversity and various historical fusions still being played out in these urban postcolonial societies. His work feeds into his ongoing interest in the links between personal and national identity.

Including insightful texts from experts in the field, Hew Locke: Stranger in Paradise combines essays on Locke’s work with sections of full page visuals, showing the real power of Locke’s artwork.

The book includes valuable and insightful texts from prestigious names in the art world, including writer and curator Jens Hoffmann and writer, art historian and critic Kobena Mercer.