Inventors and Inventions

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Inventors and Inventions

28 x 23 cm | 9 x 11 in
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Editor Paul Sloman
Contributor Richard Fisher

Inventors and Inventions is a compendium of the history of invention. It charts the major innovations of human history, calling out the minds behind some of the most profound and transformative technologies created.

Inventors and Inventions includes inventions from the arcane roots of the QWERTY keyboard, to the role of Muybridge’s eccentric moving-picture photography in the development of the television, Inventors and Inventions looks at the most fascinating stories in the history of invention, providing insight into how and why they came about, who was responsible, and their subsequent impact. Often over-looked inventors are reinstated in the canon of invention, giving them their rightful place amongst the celebrated minds from our past, while controversies regarding attribution are exposed and unpacked.

Inventors and Inventions opens with an essay by New Scientist editor Richard Fisher, looking at some of the lesser-known and failed inventions from the great inventors of our time, then goes into detail with clearly defined chapters on Computing, Entertainment, Design, Medicine, Warfare, Sports, and others.