Late Century Dream

Late Century Dream

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Late Century Dream
Movements in the US Indie Music Underground

25 x 19 cm | 10 x 7 in
220 ills | 192 pages

Editor Thomas Howells
Contributors Noel Gardner, Pavel Godfrey, Brian Howe, Jimmy Martin, Kevin McCaighy, Louis Pattison

Late Century Dream: Movements in the US Indie Music Underground looks in detail at a number of regional music scenes in the US independent music underground through the fertile years of the 1980s and 90s, encompassing many different genres under the DIY banner. 

The book’s six key texts each revolve around a key city and/or creative hub of groups. These include: a definitive alternative take on grunge-era Seattle, largely circumnavigating the populist Sub Pop hegemony; the early cop-baiting punk rock, weirdo skronk and post-psychedelic rock of Austin, Texas; a varied oral account of the art school-derived post-punk scene in Athens, Georgia; a personal account of an immersion in the college rock hotbed of Chapel Hill, North Carolina; an in-depth look at Phoenix, Arizona’s rich history of left-field alternative and punk; and a geographically de-centralised primer on Chicago’s Drag City Records.

Illustrated with a wealth of archival and unseen promo, live and ‘zine imagery from bands including The Accused, The Gits, Butthole Surfers, JFA, REM, Big Boys and Meat Puppets, Late Century Dreamgives an alternative insight into the lasting legacies carved out by bands for whom making it big was rarely an aim.

Alongside extended appendices of new interviews and oral material the book provides an insightful social history, featuring newly commissioned texts from Noel Gardner, Pavel Godfrey, Brian Howe, Jimmy Martin, Kevin McCaighy and Louis Pattison who have collectively contributed to various music publications and websites of note including Pitchfork, The Guardian, BBC Music, The Quietus, Independent Weekly, Paste Magazine and NME.