Lost Utopias

  • £29.95

Lost Utopias
Photographs by Jade Doskow

26 x 31 cm | 12 x 10 in

80 ills | 128 pages

Authors Richard Pare, Jennifer Minner      

The Eiffel Tower, Seattle Space Needle and New York’s Unisphere are familiar, iconic architectural sights that remain from a longstanding tradition of countries hosting enormous public exhibitions known as world’s fairs. Photographer Jade Doskow is interested in documenting what remains of these heritage sites, but also the relics of less notable attractions from world’s fairs that have been repurposed or left to decline. Doskow’s Lost Utopias project juxtaposes emblematic monuments with sad and abandoned decaying structures, provoking the viewer to consider how idealistic feats of architecture can either succeed or disappear into obscurity.

Contextualised by essays from the English photographer Richard Pare and American academic Jennifer Minner, with a glossary list of the world’s fair sites, the book presents a selection of Doskow’s enchanting and dream-like photographs of the world exposition sites. It also raises questions about the future of these sites, the significance of architecture and which structures are worth preserving, and what place, if any, there is for the legacy of these world’s fairs in today’s society.

Jade Doskow is based in Brooklyn, New York and is currently on the photography faculty of the School of visual Arts and the International Center of Photography. She was recently named by American Photo as “one to watch”. 

"Doskow’s work questions why some monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, remain famous while others sink into obscurity", The Independent