Meat London

Meat London

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Meat London
An Insider's Guide

16.5 x 14.5cm | 6.5 x 5.5 in
170 ills | 176 pages

Editor Tom Howells
Contributor Thomas Blythe

Meat London: An Insider's Guide is an essential guide for the meat-lover in or visiting London. Featuring renowned pubs and restaurants, traditional butchers, tempting market stalls and some lesser-known gems of British gastronomy, Meat London is an invaluable book for locals and tourists alike.

Divided into concise chapters covering “Pubs”, “Restaurants”, “Butchers”, “Markets” and “Street Food”, Meat London covers all budgets, cut preferences and cooking styles, whether you are intending to eat out on the run or spit roast your own suckling pig. More than your average restaurant guidebook, Meat London also takes into consideration important attitudes concerning the supply of meat, seasonality and provenance, in the approach to food and the establishments featured.

London’s broad multicultural constitution makes it the perfect city in which to sample dishes derived from and progressively influenced by diverse cultural traditions. Whether you are after a hand-made black pudding, a 20 ounce steak, the perfect marinated goat, brains or kidneys, or locally smoked bacon, Meat London is a wide-ranging and informative resource for restaurants, butchers and markets specialising in ‘nose-to-tail’ food and dining.

Meat London: An Insider’s Guide is deliciously illustrated with colour photographs of not only the food but also the establishments the food is served in, including their often charming, unusual, retro or highly contemporary interiors. It is the perfect guide for both the casual restaurant-goer, the enthusiastic home-cook, and the dedicated gastronome.

Includes an introduction by Thomas Blythe who was formerly general manager at St John's restaurant and is now a consultant and writer for Observer Food Monthly, and food quarterly Fire & Knives amongst others.