Michael DeLucia

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Michael DeLucia

28 x 23cm | 9 x 11 in

219 ills | 144 pages

Contributors Kristen Chappa, Alex Benenson

The first publication devoted to the artist, Michael DeLucia provides a highly illustrated overview of DeLucia’s practice with particular emphasis on his work as a sculptor.

Michael DeLucia is known for taking standard materials and industrially- produced items and giving them sculptural integrity, completely disassociating the object from its previous use. Unafraid to remove all context, DeLucia plays with scale, deceptively simple compositions and multiplicity which serves to abstract his works.

Until recently DeLucia produced work by hand with clay but his practice has since shifted into the digital realm with his current work heavily influenced by computer applications and CAD modeling software. Formerly an assistant of Jeff Koons, he produces sculptures that affect the metamorphosis of practical objects into poetic, humorous apparitions, subverting the expectations of the viewer with his use of everyday building materials and industrial items as artistic tools.