Nothing Will Surprise You Here

Nothing Will Surprise You Here

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Nothing Will Surprise You Here

23 x 15 cm | 6 x 9 in
50 ills | 80 pages

Photographer Velibor Bozōvić 


In 1988, to mark the 150th anniversary of the invention of photography, the city of Montreal designated six streets within a new housing development in Rivière-des- Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles to be named after important historical photographers from Montreal. Plans for the new neighbourhood were drawn up and the names of William Notman, Ovilla Allard, George Arless, Edgar Gariépy, Conrad Poirer and Alexander Henderson found their place onto the official map of the city. They remained there for the ensuing 19 years until 2007, when the Montreal administration finally admitted that the streets were never going to be built and removed the photographers’ names from the maps. Today, the designated area remains a wasteland, though, eerily, the shape of the developments, as well as all of the photographer-based street names, still appear on Google Maps.

Photographer Velibor Božović’s work focuses on the curious storyc of this development that never was, using it as a jumping-off point to explore Montreal's broader relationship to its own visual history. Nothing Will Surprise You Here collects Božović’s photographs, stills and scripts from his short films, archival material and copies of real and online maps, using them to tell a surprisingly relatable story of how places need not be physically realised in order to impact the people who intellectually interact with them.

Nothing Will Surprise You Here is one of an ongoing number of publications produced in partnership with Dazibao, Montreal.