Out There

Out There

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Out There
Arik Levy

25.5 x 19.5 cm | 7.5 x 10 in
240 ills | 264 pages

Contributors Arik Levy, Jérôme Peignot, Christy Maclear, Charlotte N. Eyerman, Jérôme Sans

A review of the influential designer Arik Levy’s outdoor installations, which examine form in nature.

Out There gives an overview of Arik Levy’s outdoor creations, which are informed by the materials he adopts, some of these taking shape as highly polished metal sculptures, and outdoor Rock works with shooting shards of metal. The constraints of these meticulously handcrafted pieces in relation to the “ideology of nature” and natural materials opens another line of investigation of an unknown nature permeating his practice.

“I was more interested in the reflection that the sculpture would create than in the sculpture itself, he explains, since the latter only exists thanks to natural light. Each of these sculptures allows us to see the world, angles we would never see with our naked eye.”

Focused on Levy’s Rock series, the book features large-scale installations with reflective surfaces, which create an interaction between the form and it’s surrounding area: RockGiant, BigRock, RockFusion, RockGrowth, RockEvolution, RockTripleFusionGiant, RockGiant.  Out There also includes Arik Levy’s ideas for the future with 3D simulations, photographs from construction, proposals and sketches.

Out There includes an interview with Arik Levy by Jérôme Sans, whilst poet Jérôme Peignot discusses Arik Levy as an artist following Taoist tradition, alongside texts from Christy MacLear, Executive Director of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and Charlotte N Eyerman, Executive Director of Monterey Museum of Arts.