Place Libre

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Place Libre
A Proposition by Michael Lin

22 x 25 cm | 9 x 20 in
56 ills | 112 pages

Contributor Mathieu Borysevicz

PLACE LIBRE documents Taiwanese artist Michael Lin’s transformation of Beijing art institution Tang Contemporary into a temporary parking lot, engaging with the space as both an exhibition and as a place to park an automobile.

2013 saw Tokyo-born artist Michael Lin transform Beijing art institution Tang Contemporary into a miniature, functional, practical, and—being free of charge in a city that only has enough spaces for every second vehicle—most welcome parking lot.

PLACE LIBRE is a chronological photo-essay of change and progression within the gallery. In transforming the space, he not only challenges perceptions of the gallery as an arts space, but also presents the parking lot as an improvisational movement piece.

An accompanying essay explores the installation’s context and cultural resonance in contemporary Beijing and beyond, placing Lin’s work alongside Ed Ruscha’s seminal series Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles. 

Michael Lin is a Taiwanese artist who works and lives in Brussels, Belgium and Shanghai, China. Working in the local vernacular, he explores shifts in regional cultural topography, developing a reputation in the late 1990s for his politically resonant imitations of the complex floral patterns of traditional Taiwanese embroideries.Mathieu Borysevicz is an artist, writer, curator and filmmaker exploring the intersections of social transformation and artistic production in contemporary China. He is currently Artforum’s correspondent in Shanghai as well as co-founding editor of His writings have also appeared in Art in America, ART Asia Pacific and WORLD ART.