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Poetry Slam

20 x 13 cm | 5 x 8 in
40 ills | 160 pages

Editor Andrew Kalish

Poet-Linc: Poetry Slam is a unique documentation of a slam poetry contest created to celebrate talented teens from New York composing original poetry to the central theme “I have a voice”.

Collated as part of a ground-breaking series in partnership with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and non-profits from each of New York’s five boroughs, the inaugural season saw each new “slam poet” find their own voice, aided in their journey by an array of professional poets, judges and performance professionals.

A series of battles then became the focus for each competition night over an intensive six week period. Divided into three thematically diverse rounds, Declarative Poem, Narrative Poem and Free Verse/Free Style, the competition was fierce. Teens from each organisation competed for 10 spots in the Grand Slam Finals. With the partnership non-profits including important, progressive organizations such as Curtis High School, El Puente, Girls Write Now, Global Writes, SAYA! (South Asian Youth Action), and Urban Word, the intense and exhilarating series was one of significant social and cultural recognition.

Poet-Linc’s associated publication contains more than 80 poems from the young people in the series alongside work from established world names such as Darian Dauchan, Erik Maldonado, and Shanelle Gabriel, as well as critical essays on the medium and the initiative. The poems themselves portray a varied and illuminating survey into the attuned teenage mind, exploring and often inverting themes of race, love, lust, family and class in the playful, sardonic and relentless ebb and flow of the Poetry Slam itself.