Points of Departure

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Points of Departure
Vera Frenkel: Words and Works

28 x 23 cm | 11 x 9 in
120 ills | 160 pages

Contributors David Liss, Jonathan Shaughnessy, et al

Points of Departure: Vera Frenkel Words and Works is the ambitious new publication to accompany an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), addressing Frenkel’s ongoing use of voice, character and storytelling throughout her practice.

Whether making works that speak from the perspective of Vera Frenkel the ‘storyteller’, Vera Frenkel the feminist artist or Vera Frenkel, one of many artists suffering from discriminating arts funding in Canada, Frenkel’s works consistently address the injustices and inequalities within contemporary art practice.

Points of Departure: Vera Frenkel Words and Works acknowledges the artist’s influence on Canadian contemporary art and the importance of her early video works as well as addressing other core themes in her practice such as absence and presence, the use of language, artist’s copyright, and the marginalisation suffered by Canadan artists and minority populations alike.

In partnership with Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA).