Project 1975

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Project 1975
The Postcolonial Unconscious in Contemporary Art

24 x 16 cm | 9 x 6 in
170 ills | 192 pages

Editors Jele Bouwhuis, Kerstin Winking

Project 1975 is published in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam and discusses globalisation in art and the relationship between the Dutch postcolonial predicament and contemporary art by its institutions.

The result of a two-year programme of exhibitions, commissioned essays, events and research at the Stedelijk, Project 1975 is a study of the effects of multicultural society on the visual arts. Taking its name from the year that Suriname officially became independent from The Netherlands, the book offers answers to current social and political questions affecting the visual arts: Is the power position of the stereotypical European white male coloniser less strong these days? How has post-colonial theory contributed to a better understanding of artists from areas such as Suriname? Has the sophisticated art infrastructure of the West been instrumental in abolishing divisions between Western and non-Western art, or has it rationalised and maintained these distinctions?

Project 1975 approaches these questions from a variety of perspectives, to open up the discussion and provide suggestions for future approaches. Contributors include Jelle Bouwhuis and Kerstin Winking from the Stedelijk Museum Bureau, art critic and historian Sven Lutticken and Ashley Dawson. Interviews, texts and illustrations accompany the essays, alongside photographs of the works displayed in theProject 1975 exhibitions at the Stedelijk.