Public Enquiries

Public Enquiries

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Public Enquiries
PARK LEK and the Scandinavian Social Turn

23 x 15 cm | 6 x 9 in
150 ills | 180 pages

Editors Helena Selder, SOMEWHERE, Mick Wilson
Contributors Kerstin Bergendal, Stenka Hellfach, James Holston, Ulrikke Neergaard, Andrea Phillips, Mick Wilson, Giorgiana Zachia, et al


Public Enquiries demonstrates how artistic practice can change, inform and shape public policy towards urban landscapes.

A series of public hearings were held in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Gothenburg in 2015–2016 as part of a multidisciplinary research project that discussed the artist Kerstin Bergendal’s work PARK LEK, 2010–2014, a utopian art project originally proposed in Stockholm.

Public Enquiries maps how PARK LEK intervened in and transformed the local government planning processes used to shape segregated urban areas. It also examines the role of the artist in the context of public space, design constructs and social platforms, ultimately suggesting that the project can be seen as a blueprint for the agency of artistic practice in reconstructing local democracy worldwide. Whilst PARK LEK is primarily examined within the context of Scandinavian society, Public Enquiries is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the current state of socially engaged artistic practice—anywhere.

Public Enquiries: PARK LEK and the Scandinavian Social Turn is the first of six forthcoming publications in partnership with Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.