Rocky Grassy Mountain in June

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Rocky Grassy Mountain in June 
Drawings/ Tony Anguhalluq

23 x 25 cm | 9 x 11 in
60 ills | 80 pages

Authors Robert Kardosh, Tony Anguhalluq


Bringing together a body of work produced across the last decade, Rocky Grassy Mountain in June presents the unique drawing style of the Inuit artist Tony Anguhalluq.

Raised in the Nunavut community of Baker Lake by the prominent artists Luke Anguhadluq and his wife Marion Tuu'luq, Anguhalluq has developed a distinctive artistic expression, choosing to reduce the forms of the landscape to near abstraction and frequently employing aerial and side views in the same image. Whilst he primarily focuses on the Arctic landscape, there is often a human or animal presence discernible in his work. In combining a non- representational technique (his landscapes are often conceived as interlocking patterns of heavily outlined, solidly coloured silhouettes) with the use of horizon lines as a compositional convention, many of Anguhalluq’s images feature an expressive tension between the flat picture and an illusive pictorial depth.

The exuberant and colourful artwork in the book is explored through an essay by Robert Kardosh (Director/ Curator of Marion Scott Gallery and Kardosh Projects).

Born in 1970, Anguhalluq has exhibited widely across North America and his work is included in the collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Canada, amongst many others.