The Essence of Perfume

  • £29.95

The Essence of Perfume

30 x 21 cm | 9 x 12 in

350 ills | 352 pages

Author Roja Dove

The Essence of Perfume is a lavishly illustrated and fully updated edition of the international best-seller from the world’s only Professeur de Parfums, Roja Dove.

Taking in the backstories, the love stories, the heartbreaks, glamour and scandal of the industry as well the science behind iconic scents, Dove’s passion, encyclopedic knowledge and often risqué wit are infused within the pages of this authoritative guide to the world of perfume.

As captivating as it is informative, The Essence of Perfume explores the social and scientific history of scent, with beautiful photographs from unique and iconic perfume bottles, vintage and modern day advertisements, featuring big name houses and characters.

Beginning with a comprehensive discussion of the sense of smell, the book goes on to outline the birth of the modern perfume industry, celebrating the great classics, the makers who brought them to life and the bottle makers who gave them shape and the techniques involved, including methods of extraction used to obtain the oils that form the building blocks of perfumery.

In an age where the methods and motivations of the original perfumers are all but forgotten, Roja Dove unfolds the gripping story of scent and perfumery as we know it with all the passion and devotion of a true artist.